Securing Your Properties, Saving You Money And Providing Affordable Housing  

Landlord Pay

Make £££'s from your empty building

We support our landlords, Landlord Pay means we pay YOU from the revenue we generate. One of the many reasons property owners choose us

Piggy Bank

Profit sharing done right 

Affordable Rents

City centre locations without city centre prices. The most affordable way to live in prime locations 

Stained House

Typically 58% below market rent

Secured Premesis

Guardians on site, keeping it safe

Resident guardians act as a visual deterrent to squatters and arsonists. More cost effective than traditional security methods 


Guardians on site, keeping it safe

“Having guardians on our site gives us peace of mind, keeping our building safely occupied and saving us money too!"



Sajiv Patel, Carehome Developer