Protecting Your Assets

Properties are vacant for a number of reasons:

- Vacant Possession

- Awaiting Planning Permission

- Undergoing works

- Forced Closure

In any case, consequential and inevitable criminal damage to an empty commercial property by squatters is not provable against person or persons unknown and will therefore be paid for by the property owner.


Anything of value either left at or attached to the empty commercial property that is stolen by squatters or persons unknown and the police are powerless to make an arrest.


In view of the forgoing, insurers will either not cover the risk or they will vastly inflate premiums for empty property. Use Guardian Secure to avoid the risk


Landlord Pay

Guardian Secure work with transparency and fairness. With that in mind, we are able to offer our landlords and property owners a share of the revenue we generate. This means that instead of you paying us a management fee, we offer an agreed share of profits. This makes for a perfect alternative to traditional and costly security.

The Benefits of Using Guardians 

Guardians are an excellent way to secure your property, they provide a visual deterrent to thief's and squatters. They treat your property like home and help maintain a habitable environment. 

All our guardians comply to our strict referencing processes and background checks