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Guardian Secure - Fair Thorough and Friendly

Specialist in Vacant Property Management and securing empty buildings. Guardian Secure was set up by a team with over 10 years experience in vacant property management. With our years of experience we have learnt from mistakes that other guardian companies have made and come together to offer a more reliable product to the market.

Guardian secure have grown organically, starting with a 50 bed care home in the heart of London. This property was purchased STP (subject to planning). We were tasked with providing an interim security solution while planning was obtained. This process is now refined to where Guardian Secure is the go-to provider for Landlords and Guardians alike.

The plan is to grow organically, never cutting corners and being as open, honest and transparent as possible.

3 principals guide us in every part of our business - Fair Thorough and Friendly

Fair - We believe that in every interaction we have, we must get an outcome that all parties are happy with. The nature of our business means that we are always face to face with our clients. The only outcome we except is one that is a "Win Win" for all involved.

Thorough - be it our multistep guardian on-boarding and referencing process or our 57 point property inspection list, we make sure that we cover all bases. This insures safety for our guardians and peace of mind for our landlords.

Friendly - People are at the centre of our business. We believe in treating everyone equally  and with respect. Our approach is always open, honest and welcoming.