What is expected of me as a Guardian?

We ask that you live in your room as your main address.  Keep the property clean and tidy and always question anyone you don’t recognise in the building.  Original Guardians will always inform you if any external contractors will be visiting. Report maintenance problems to us and adhere to our guardian rules.


Are the rooms furnished?

Rooms are supplied unfurnished. There may be times when furniture is available, this is dependent on the property.


How much does a room cost?

Fees can range from £145 per month, upwards. This is dependent on area and condition of the property 


What about bills?

Bills are included in your weekly fee


What facilities are provided?

All our buildings have bathrooms and showers. You will also get a functional kitchen and a laundry room.


Guardians will be issued a security key for the front door and the room they wish to occupy. A Guardian can request to occupy another part of the building at any time


What happens if something goes wrong with the property?

If there is a maintenance problem, you can notify us by phone or email and we will arrange for one of our maintenance team to attend. We provide a 24/7 number for emergencies


Are there any other charges?

No but before moving in we require a £350 security deposit. The Licence fee is payable in advance from the day the room is signed for


How much notice do I have to give you?

We require 28 days written notice when you decide to leave a property


How much notice do you have to give me?

You will be given 28 days notice in writing


Do you accept couples?

We grant licences on an individual basis.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t live in the same room, just that each of you will need your own licence. The price of the room is charged @ 1.5 the original room price


Can I decorate my room?

This depends on the building, but most rooms can be painted.  Written permission is required


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